Self Deception

For a while now, I had avoided confronting something done to me that itched my mind in a place I just could not scratch.  This itch, tho subtle was not going away no matter what type of explanation you give to yourself and those around you.  

Part of the inaction may have come from fear--the belief that confrontation may lead to danger.  Or perhaps distraction--the belief that one's attention is devoted to bigger things.  Or maybe, the inaction just came from doubt--just simply not knowing the best approach without resorting to the default: anger.  

Ultimately, none of those reasons need to be accurate because they all result in the same place:  inaction.  The fool, is the one who convinces themselves that inaction, is action.

And sometimes we can do that can't we?  We can believe that doing nothing is a solution in itself.  That situations will work themselves out, or even 'go away'.  But that is a lie.  It's too difficult to live with one's own unresolved feelings and emotions yet expect progress.

It's not what Martial Art taught me.  Martial Art is about resolution.  Sometimes it's about confrontation, patience, even inaction.  But at the end of the day, no matter what style one studies, their should be a result; a resolution.

This April fools, I don't wish, humour or deception.  I wish the opposite.  Seek that which we cover up with a laugh.  Engage that which we have deceived ourselves from.  Resolve, that which requires resolution.  With your truth.