I think every young boy asks a very basic question in life: 'Am I strong?'  Some of us know this consciously, most of us unconsciously.  But the root of that question for the young boy is actually about manhood.  They want to know, 'what is it to be a man?'

Growing up, I didn't have the greatest examples to that question.  My examples attempted to answer those questions, but ultimately they led to some form of disappointment.

So I turned to Martial Art thinking I'd have better examples there, but nope.  Just more disappointment, save for a few.

Then I realized, that maybe no one can teach me about be, but me.  Maybe all I had to do all along is look to my past, my peers, and the effect that has had on my character and therefore the base in which I make my decisions. 

If being a better person is about making better decisions and therefore experiencing the fruits of those decisions then:

Whats making me choose poorly?