Philosophy breeds culture, 

Culture shapes habit, 

Habits yield communities, 

Communities celebrate through sport. 


Pause.  Just take in that flow for a second and think about how it applies in life in a positive cycle, and/or a negative one. 

Since were about the positivity, I'll give a happy example:

You are taught Martial Art philosophy (Muay Thai) and all its physical and non physical lessons. 

As a result, a personal culture arises in us.  We begin to watch what we eat, we take our bodies seriously (and by extension take ourselves seriously).  We experience an overall shift towards positive accountability. 

As personal culture rose, it shapes a set of compatible habits:  training 2-3x/week, bringing training equipment, hydrating right, etc.  These habits, shared by 2 or more people and amplified by every additional person X 100 yields a group of like minded people congregating in one place-- 

A community.  And in this community, at this frequency with one another, beautiful things begin to happen.  We start to celebrate.  We celebrate the paths that we've been on to arrive at this micro-utopia by honoring the key figures that contribute so deeply to, while including those who've helped assist along the way.  

All culminating in the most powerful demonstration of community:

'sport': a physical vehicle carrying our communities habits, cultures and philosophy. 


That is what makes a Martial Path so special.  Whether you agree with me or not, I'm sure you've experienced in one order or another what I just described. 


If you want a real live example, come see on March 19th what I'm talking about.  March 19th is 'Kru Day'.  A national holiday in Thailand devoted to honouring the teachers (Kru) of Thai tradition (which is essentially honoring the citizens who serve to nourish society in uplifting ways). 

Students will be honouring their teachers, and teachers will be honoring their teachers.  This doesn't happen enough in Western society.  Teachers who contribute to society are important.  

Then, we celebrate with live Muay Thai bouts!  A celebration of culture, through sport. 

BMT fights 3x on the card ;) 

Yours in the arts, 


Kru Nick Bautista