Exercise is Art

A master once told me, 'exercise is art'.  I thought he was showing off, as if 'my body is a piece of art'.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realize the truth in those words.

Art, is a little bit science, and a lot of creativity.  Art, is a creation process, much like exercise and training.  In order to get good at it, you need some fundamentals, a sense of form, and loads of energy.


Thats the key.  Exercise is not a disempowering activity.  It's not a punitive measure.

It is energizing.  The more energy you put into it, the more that comes back.  Kendrick just showed that.  All the best Art does that.  A song crafted in an isolated booth can light the hearts and mind of a million and in turn absolutely propel the life of the author.  Exercise, and training does that too.

Guess the old man was right.