Yeezy Season 1

I want people to feel like they can create and not be afraid”
— Kanye West, Yeezy Season 1

…so it take a $400 pair of suede sneakers to do so?

I believe 'Ye means what he says--his desire to empower people.  I just don't understand how philanthropy has to be expressed through capitalism?  I'm so tired of noble intentions being quantified into material goods.

I fundamentally believe that personal improvement can only from acts not goods.  

All these personal euphonies we speak of 'wisdom', 'fearlessness', 'boldness' that the fashion industry go such extents to frame their product in--can only be found in services, not goods.

A life of service is yields community inspiration.

A life of product yields community expense.

I will say this though, Ye's line is full of heat that I'd definitely buy.  But let's keep it real.  My freedom comes from my acts, not my kicks.

Know yourself.