I opened BMT February 14th, 2011…and, I'm still here.  Year 4.  Thanks for having me in your lives for this long.  It's a real honour to have an idea, that became a passion, into a vocation and now as a profession be so embraced by the public.

This new site really represents my mindset:  Simpler every year, be more efficient.  Less, not more. 

You see, in our first 4 years, I've learned to lead, motivate, push, and at times pull.  I've learned to do it better, and with each year with less strain.

The immense personal growth I've gotten from this place is way more than I bargained, or anticipated.  It's for that reason that I feel lucky.  I feel like, I've received, immensely more from what I've actually put out.  I feel like I'm cheating life at times.

I only technically 'work' 18 hrs a week (6 days a week x 3hrs per).  And the time that I'm working, I'm actually playing.  It completely goes against my instinct to correlate work as suffering.  

The community has allowed me to work with my wife (who has been very successful), allows me to bring my dog everyday to work, and wear whatever fly shoes I wanna wear lol.

I take naps in the day.

On top of that, I'm becoming a better man?

I really feel like a thief of life sometimes I'm not sure if I'm truly earning the benefits I've experienced in a  short 4 yrs.

I don't know.  All I know is to just give my all, and enjoy the journey as much as I possibly can moment by moment, person by person, experience by experience.

Thanks for the follow.  Keep your eye on this blog for some serious nourishment.


Yours in the Arts,


Kru Yai Nick Bautista