Guest trainer month @ BMT

BMT is a family thing.  Literally.  My wife is the doctor, my brother Don is our movement specialist (aka Clinic Director, aka your next chiro, aka aka aka).  Next up is my other brother Rohm Samuel.  He specializes in Strength Training and is spending the month here with us from Florida from October through November.  He'll be here running the physical portion of class, as well as training anyone looking to get introduced to the world of strength.

Rohm Samuel is a certified Master Trainer from the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) and will be providing the following services in his time here:

  • Private Training
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Strength Training

If your interested, contact Kru Nick for details.

Our collective, is simply about three things:  Health, Strength, and Skill.  

Be on the lookout for my brother out here, he's family, and so are you.  

Kru Nick BautistaComment