A learning community.

The lasting kinds of learning--the type that really is the one that happens as a community.  The learning that is reinforced in all directions; the people beside you (your peers); the people below you (those who follow you); and the one's above you (your teachers).  That group as a whole, is called a community.  Any lasting life subject requires that to make a real impact.  

To me, this is what true Martial Art is.  Martial Art, for the vitality of the community.  Historically, Martial Art was meant to help teach those who cannot defend themselves to be able enough to do so.  Why is that important?  Because if the weaker members of our community are strong, our strength as a whole increases.  

This isn't about championship belts, nor is this about becoming the deadliest version of yourself.  This is simply about being a good, strong, able person so you can pass that forward.

Kru Yai Nick Bautista