Muay Thai nai khanom tom association

03.10.19 Inaugural Meeting, Siam No.1

Abstract Summary:

Kru Clifton shared a basic mandate and relationship between the I.M.T.L. (International Muay Thai League), and it’s waterfall effect downwards to the amateur level for athletes and coaches in the MTNKTA (Muay Thai Nai Khanom Tom Association). The desired outcome is to create an opportunity for athletes to make a living for themselves through Muay Thai in North America which requires a pathway to be established from the amateur to professional levels.

Association Purpose:

  1. Maintain teaching of Muay Thai and foundation to develop standards of schools in North America

  2. Teach and build community of Muay Thai

  3. Improve Coaching

  4. Develop amateur to professional

Current state of Muay Thai in Ontario

  1. Lack of Standardized Curriculum

Ajahn and Kru Clifton shared similar notions of inaccurate teaching that stem from improper paradigms. They stated that one of the mandates of the Muay Thai Nai Khanom Tom Association is to share the fundamental training methods as laid.

2. Lack of Standardized Coaching

Ajahn and Kru Clifton also shared notions about the massive variance between personal approaches to coaching athletes and the rapidly dissipating foundations of coaching.

3. Uncompetitive Team Canada on International level

With the olympics on the horizon, we seek to ensure that the athletes representing Canada on the world stage are not overwhelmed with the challenges posed by the growth of other countries in

4. Correct Community Outlook

Also mentioned was the observation of the deteriorating relationship between all the stakeholders of the Muay Thai community: Gym owners, Coaches, Athletes and Instructors.

3-5yr achievements

Background: A building has been purchased by private investors to serve as the national training headquarters for Muay Thai here in Ontario. A combination of services will pay for the building cost and maintenance:

  • Fight Exhibitions

  • Muay Thai Nai Khanom Tom office space

  • Dormitories for travelling athletes

  • Group classes for the public

  • Muay Thai Ontario offices

Kru Clifton stated he seeks to accomplish 4 main goals within the near future:

  1. Olympic Team

  2. Minimum Curriculum standards

  3. Website

  4. Memberships

What is the incentive for membership with our association?

A repeating theme that Kru Dylan and Kru Dan brought up was the response to an anticipated concern of stakeholders about their benefit from membership to the association.

“The job of our association is to provide the reality of Muay Thai” -Kru Clifton Brown

April 1st 10-12pm


Muay Boran

Foundations of class instruction

Module 1

Module 2

Module 4

Module 3