Last year, around this time.  I was looking at this big ol' thing--Mt. Yosemite.  Funny how what I was looking at last year, is how I'm actually feeling this year.  A feeling of readiness to climb a massive mountain.  Man just saying that feels so cliche`.  Being that it's new year and all...but eff it--that's how I feel.  I'm creating this thing called 'The Trinity Health Collective'.  A model of health that coordinates Health, Strength, and Skill (The trinity/three pillars of wellness) by carefully selecting the right Doctors, Therapists, Trainers and Martial Artists to work together.  Carefully selecting, and carefully crafting.  Thats the thing that makes this work.  In the past, I wasn't big enough for my ideas.  But as I near 35, the time for waiting is over.  Here's to a BIG 2018.  Stay Tuned.

-Kru Yai Nick Bautista



I turn 35 tomorrow.  At a time where when my peers we're turning 35, this was a miserable time for them. As if 'shit I'm running out of time' befell their entire vibe on the subject.  But for some reason, I'm excited.  Like never before.  To be honest I can't wait till I'm 40.  50.  60.  Actually I can wait (not trying to rush), but I think I know why I'm excited.  For quite sometime now I've been gathering as much information as I know from Masters.  Mainly Martial Art, but I've opened myself up to masters of other things and trades too.  And what I'm seeing is amazing.  I'm only drawn to craftsmen/women.  Conversations quickly bore me unless it is with someone really into what they do.  Whatever that is.  Because to me, the fountain of youth is found in the pursuit of mastery.  My exuberance isn't from 'being' a master.  That's not the point.  The point is always having something to work towards, and always seeing progress.  That's an awesome feeling, knowing how far you've come but also having so much more room to grow.