The bulk of my program is best expressed with the above quote.  Many young adolescents make dangerous mistakes from poor social decisions.  Much of their behaviour is simply a product of an overall feeling of vulnerability.  With that said, I apply a simple 3 step approach to all my youth courses in school:  Train the body, and train the mind.

2.  Skill Development

Learning a Martial Art is primarily about the experience of physical conflict.  In physical conflict, we discover that our bodies are two things simultaneously: Strong, AND Vulnerable.  With that said--many young adolescents have a very one sided view of conflict, that they are invincible when angry and are out of touch with the realities of opting for fighting as a means for resolution.

I employ drills that uncover these inconsistencies that allow the students to safely learn about their strengths and most importantly, their vulnerabilities with the goal of having the youth reevaluate their courses of conflict resolution with one another.

1.  Strength and Conditioning

All sessions begin with a physical group challenge.  It's a chance for the youth to get their energy out in a positive yet social way.  The physical challenges, are just that--challenging.  I encourage the youth to push as hard as they can, while observing how their minds are reacting to challenge.  Some react with fear, trepidation, or even apathy.  Others, react with exuberance, eagerness and excitement.  But the at the end of every challenge, they all observe how their minds are reacting to challenge and realize that such reactions are not always under their own decisions.  

I believe this is an important experience for the youth.  They are not always aware of how their mind affects their behaviour and approach to things and it's for that reason that the relationship between physical strength and mental strength must be illuminated.

3.  Social Awareness

If we are going to teach self defence a crucial component of that conversation must be rooted in prevention.  Most youth, unfortunately are not educated about the social processes that degrade a situation into a physical eruption.  Concepts such as bullying, cyber bullying, intimidation and predatory behaviour are explored and unearthed.

Kids are very smart.  They instinctively know these dynamics.  They know the problem.  They simply haven't been given options for resolution and been empowered to do so.

What the teachers are saying

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Yours in the Arts, 

Kru Nick Bautista