Brampton Muay Thai

muay thai. for brampton.


A learning community.

The lasting kinds of learning--the type that really is the one that happens as a community.  The learning that is reinforced in all directions; the people beside you (your peers); the people below you (those who follow you); and the one's above you (your teachers).  That group as a whole, is called a community.  Any lasting life subject requires that to make a real impact.  

  To me Martial Art should be validated by it's contribution to the vitality of a community.  Because if the weaker members of our community are strong, our strength as a whole increases.  

This isn't about championship belts, nor is this about becoming the deadliest version of yourself.  This is simply about being a good, strong, able person so you can pass that forward.

Kru Yai Nick Bautista


the body is always in shape.

  2017-  Co-Founder of Trinity Health Collective  Ryan James Silver Medalist B class; member of Team Canada Pan Am Games    2016-    Katrina Velasquez National Champion, C Class;  Ryan James National Champion B Class   2014- 'Kru Yai' Head Muay Thai instructor via Ajahn Suchart Yodkerepaupri, Siam No.1   2011-  'Kru' Muay Thai instructor via Ajahn Suchart Yodkerepaupri, Siam No.1   2011-  Founder of Brampton Muay Thai   2011-  Competed for CDN WKL Heavyweight title, Vancouver

2017- Co-Founder of Trinity Health Collective

Ryan James Silver Medalist B class; member of Team Canada Pan Am Games 


Katrina Velasquez National Champion, C Class;

Ryan James National Champion B Class

2014-'Kru Yai' Head Muay Thai instructor via Ajahn Suchart Yodkerepaupri, Siam No.1

2011- 'Kru' Muay Thai instructor via Ajahn Suchart Yodkerepaupri, Siam No.1

2011- Founder of Brampton Muay Thai

2011- Competed for CDN WKL Heavyweight title, Vancouver


The body can be many things.  It quite literally becomes how we treat it.  Cease to use it?  It becomes an expert of staying put.  Put it in motion, then it becomes very efficient.  Teach it a movement pattern and it absorbs it.

The body, is merely a reflection of how we use it.  

Martial Art training is about moving our body as a weapon--and allowing our physique to respond as such.  

It's for those reasons that I've personally fell in love with Muay Thai.  It's allowed me to discover a higher level of physicality through a different lens of ability.  This is the experience I wish to share with you.


Group class schedule



The greatest accomplishment we can have with the youth is to cultivate a positive relationship between themselves and physical training.  The key is to present training in a happy way, not a punitive way.  True discipline begins with passion, not punishment.  This program is simply about that:  Strong Physique, Strong Technique through happiness.


Continuing with the theme of cultivating discipline in the youth through passion, the teen program is about placing emphasis on their physicality--because passion becomes discipline when we increase the intensity for passion to be expressed.  


Adult Beginnner

The strongest form of motivation comes from curiosity.  When we are curious, we naturally behave in a motivated way.  Beginner classes are conducted with that notion in mind--by placing the emphasis on learning and instruction, training is naturally intense and consistency becomes automatic.

Class Structure

45m Strength x Conditioning / 45m Technical Instruction x Application

  • No experience necessary
  • Emphasis on general strength x conditioning
  • Emphasis on fundamental instruction
  • Beginners preferred

Adult Intermediate

Once a passion for training is established alongside a physicality able to receive higher doses of training we begin to focus on the developing deeper concepts of offensive and defensive competencies.  

Class Structure

45m Fundamentals x Drilling 45m Application x Padwork

  • Blue Shorts required via Siam No.1/Ajahn Suchart Yodkerepaupri
  • Positive Attitude
  • Emphasis on repetition
  • Gameness





Last year, around this time.  I was looking at this big ol' thing--Mt. Yosemite.  Funny how what I was looking at last year, is how I'm actually feeling this year.  A feeling of readiness to climb a massive mountain.  Man just saying that feels so cliche`.  Being that it's new year and all...but eff it--that's how I feel.  I'm creating this thing called 'The Trinity Health Collective'.  A model of health that coordinates Health, Strength, and Skill (The trinity/three pillars of wellness) by carefully selecting the right Doctors, Therapists, Trainers and Martial Artists to work together.  Carefully selecting, and carefully crafting.  Thats the thing that makes this work.  In the past, I wasn't big enough for my ideas.  But as I near 35, the time for waiting is over.  Here's to a BIG 2018.  Stay Tuned.

-Kru Yai Nick Bautista



I turn 35 tomorrow.  At a time where when my peers we're turning 35, this was a miserable time for them. As if 'shit I'm running out of time' befell their entire vibe on the subject.  But for some reason, I'm excited.  Like never before.  To be honest I can't wait till I'm 40.  50.  60.  Actually I can wait (not trying to rush), but I think I know why I'm excited.  For quite sometime now I've been gathering as much information as I know from Masters.  Mainly Martial Art, but I've opened myself up to masters of other things and trades too.  And what I'm seeing is amazing.  I'm only drawn to craftsmen/women.  Conversations quickly bore me unless it is with someone really into what they do.  Whatever that is.  Because to me, the fountain of youth is found in the pursuit of mastery.  My exuberance isn't from 'being' a master.  That's not the point.  The point is always having something to work towards, and always seeing progress.  That's an awesome feeling, knowing how far you've come but also having so much more room to grow.  







Current state of mind.  Bruce is the reason Martial Art is in mainstream consciousness.  He singlehandedly, reversed the stereotype of Asians in 1970's America.  He refuted Asians as 'beta'.  And presented them as 'Alpha'.  He pioneered the idea that the human body is the weapon.

What narratives am I rewriting?  What new ideas am I bringing to the world?





From now on, I will be respected for what I see.  Not just what I say, and or do.  But what I see.





Pity the fool.

The jester is the one who is unaware of their own deceit.

The fool is the one who knowingly  deceives themselves.

The king is the one who decides when the show is over.





Quite possibly one of the best Hip Hop albums I've heard in a while.  Hit's the trifecta for me:  Beats, Bars, and Theme.  That's hard for rappers to do.  For an artist to have my attention, the beats have to be solid; it has to pull me in.  Once you've pulled me in, the cadence of the flow has to keep me there.  But lastly, the subject matter of the lyrics has to make me want to stay there.  Cole is rapping about some real things here:  Depression, Addiction, Self Deception, Materialism yet manages to do so light handed without judgement.  





A married couple who were individually on fire but struggled to co-create while also being in business together and in the process filtering their old social lives to create room for new love to occur?  I can get with that theme.




I didn't have anything to say about July, so I said nothing.  But Oaths have been floating in my mind this past week.  Something about it's permanence during such a transient time is special to me.  What's yours?  Do you have one?  and if you do, do you remember it and live accordingly?