May 4th



Brampton Muay Thai began in 2008, and officially opened in 2011. Since then we have had hundred of students train with us year after year, and grow themselves and the people around them. Some students have chosen to be fighters, some have chosen to remain recreational, practicing Muay Thai for the sheer pleasure of it, some have chosen to compete at the highest levels, and some have chosen to teach and spread the joy they’ve experienced over the years.

This workshop is devoted to those who would like to begin a teaching path in Muay Thai and work their way towards becoming an instructor.

The goal, is for you to have a plane to a) shape your own practice session, b) shape a practice with a partner, and c) assist in class.

  1. Have a blueprint

    A good teacher should not just rely on ideas. Because ideas are fleeting. Good teachers should begin with a plan. A good plan provides a path, a place, and a way.

In this section, I will provide a basic plan in which you can establish a starting point with which you and your student(s) can base the initial phases of your training in.

  • Beginner Syllabus

  • Training Tools


2. put your plan in motion

  • Putting a session together (for yourself x for a partner)

    When do I:

    Shadow Box?

    Bag Work?

    Pad Work?

    Tech Spar?


  • How should I be in the session? A key element in training is the vibe under which we practice. Personality can either drive momentum, or hinder it. One must understand the correct attitude that the modality calls for.

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