Us, and the World.

We are not in the business of making and selling things. We are in the business of teaching and sharing. To each other, and to the public. This retreat has a focus on the core value of ‘Be Articulate’; an emphasis on speaking as honestly and precisely so as to not be misunderstood by our team and those in which we serve. We simply cannot be effective in our respective careers if we cannot be understood.

This is also the time for us to get serious about branding. Trinity Health Collective, and the brands of our partners. Enhancing communication inside should by extension, enhance our communications outside.

With that said this weekend will be focused on two main themes:



We are incredibly excited to be on this wave with all of you. We hope you feel the same. Please review the accompanying material below, as they will serve as reference material to shape thinking and discussion. If you have any questions and/or concerns never hesitate to reach out.

Nick x Ash


 part 1:




Barriers to Communication

Dr. Ashley Sweeney-Bautista

Continuing from the part one introduction of Communications Theory during the May Guild meet, Dr. Ashley Sweeney-Bautista introduced the basic framework that shapes the background of communication, it’s purpose, and it’s nature. She had discussed our background voices, the need for context, and the true purpose of talking: To share ones self, not an exchange of words.

In parts two and three of her Communications series, Dr. Ashley reviews the barriers to communicating truthfully and honestly and possible means to overcome in order to arrive at a place of shared understanding.

Reference Material: Please watch the following movie to get acclimated to the feel of our talks and discussion:



Part II:



This is how the Trinity Health Collective has been behaving towards social media—protesting against a machine instead of using as leverage. Things need to change.

This is how the Trinity Health Collective has been behaving towards social media—protesting against a machine instead of using as leverage. Things need to change.



Nick Bautista

Dr. Ashley’s information should help us improve in some basic ways:

i) Communicating amongst one another,

ii) Communicate better with our existing communities

iii) Communicate with the community we have yet to meet.

With that said, Dr. Ashley and I have committed to renewing our efforts in establishing the Trinity Health Collective brand. Progress has been permeating in the background and we are excited to share our plans for Q3 and Q4. However, The Trinity Health Collective branding is not the main topic of conversation, but rather:

How will your respective brands connect within the Trinity Health Collective vision?

This section will be general group discussions about our thoughts and feelings of one another projects and how we may best leverage social media to assist.


  • Reworking Q3 x Q4 Vision Summaries which should therefore

  • Reformat our respective Asana listings

For reference, pls watch the following Keynote to help orient the starting point of our thinking towards this subject (watch it several times if need be. Gary V is the leading voice for social media and it would be unwise to not listen to him)

Be ready to discuss:

Gary begins the video by clearly stating the thesis of his talk: “i) Setup a framework of strategy of how much abundance and opportunity there is RIGHT NOW and why, and ii) tactics he recommends to achieve to get to next level.”

  1. What were the i) abundance and opportunities he believes are occurring right now? Do you agree, disagree? thoughts and feelings?

  2. What is the framework and strategy that he derives from the abundance and opportunity that he observes?

  3. What are the tactics he recommends to use and do you feel it to be of use to you?



Eat. and Meet.

All our meetings are organized the communal experience of food. The sharing of meals is where the best conversations occur, as it is the time when we are at our slowest, and most open. This is the time to connect, understand, and share.


Day 1 Dinner

Fire Talk: Where are we, and where are we going?

Day 2 Brunch


Food Talks: Gary V Questions for discussion

Talk 1:

Communications Theory 2; by Dr. Ashley Sweeney Bautista

Day 2 Dinner


Food Talks: Gary V Thoughts and Feelings x Branding

Fire Talk 2:

Communications Applied; by Dr. Ashley Sweeney Bautista

Day 3 Brunch

Food Talks: Vision Summary x Marketing


Talk 3:

Communications Theory 3; by Dr. Ashley Sweeney Bautista

Day 3 Dinner


Food Talks: Vision Summary x Marketing Continued

Talk 4: TBD

Day 4 Breakfast


  • Closing remarks